Renewable Energy


High rate of return
· Maximum efficiency 98.5%, Euro efficiency 98.3%
· Up to 3MPP tracker
· Full output operation without degradation at 50 ° C

Easy O & M
· Integrated string current monitoring for quick problem resolution
· Easy installation with light weight
· Fan and SPD plug-in design to facilitate on-site maintenance

Reduce investment cost
· Max DC / AC ratio up to 1.4
· Lower installation cost because it can be installed horizontally
· Integrated dc combination box and dc / ac overvoltage protection

Grid support
· Standards compliance: CE, IEC 62109, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N-4105
· Low voltage / high voltage grid connection (L / HVRT)
· Active and reactive output control and output increase rate control

Efficiency Curve
Circuit Diagram
Enclosure drawing
DC input
Maximum input power 36.8 kW
Maximum input voltage 1,100 V
Operation starting voltage 250 V
Rated input voltage 585 V
MPPT voltage range 200 ~ 1000V
MPPT voltage range for rated power 500 ~ 850 V
MPPT count 3
Maximum PV string count per MPPT 3 / 3 / 2
Maximum input current 88A (33A / 33A/ 22A)
AC output
Rated output power 33 kW
Maximum output power 36 kW
(PF=1)Maximum output power 53.5 A
Rated output voltage 3/PE or 3/N/PE,230/400V
Rated voltage range 310 ~ 480 V
Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz
Total harmonic distortion ratio(THD) < 3% (Rated power)
Power factor > 0.99 (0.8 (Capacitive) ~ 0.8(Lagging) Adjustable)
Maximum efficiency 98.5%
EU efficiency 98.3%
Anti-islanding YES
protection LVRT/HVRT YES
DC reverse connection protection YES
AC short circuit protection YES
Leakage current protection YES
DC switch YES
DC fuse YES (positive, 15A)
Overvoltage protection DC Type II / AC Type II
System data
Transformer type Transformerless type
Enclosure protection grade IP65
Nighttime power consumption < 2W
Working temperature range -25℃ ~ 60℃
Relative humidity 0 ~ 100%
Cooling type Intelligent Forced air cooling type
Maximum working altitude 4,000 M (> 50℃ Performance degradation)
Display Graphic LCD
Communication RS 485 (RJ45connector/Ethernet)
DC Connection type MC4 (Maximum 6mm”)
AC Connection type Spiral fixed terminal (Max. 50mm”)
Certificates VDE-AR-N-4105, CE, G83/2, C10/11 EN50438, BDEW, CGC, CE
General data
Dimensions (W*H*D) 525*740*240
Weight 48 kg
Installation type Wall mounting