Renewable Energy


High rate of return
· Efficient three-phase topology, up to 99% system efficiency
· 1 or 4 MPPT, wide MPP voltage range
· Full output operation without degradation at 50 ° C
· When one unit (Modular) fails, the other inverter unit operates normally

Easy O & M
· Integrated zone monitoring for quick problem resolution
· Modular design and easy service for easy maintenance
· DC circuit breaker design for convenient maintenance

Reduce investment cost
· 10-foot container design, no separate inverter enclosure required
· Integrated LV auxiliary power supply

Grid support
· Standards compliance: CE, IEC 61727, IEC 62116
· Low voltage / high voltage grid connection (L / HVRT)
· Active and reactive output control and output increase rate control

Enclosure Drawings
Efficiency Curve
Circuit Diagram
DC input
Maximum input power 2,245 kW
Maximum input voltage 1,000 V
Generation start voltage 500 V
Minimum working voltage 460 V
Aximum input current 4,880 A
MPP voltage range 460 ~ 850 V
AC output
Rated output power 2,000 kW
Maximum output power 2,200 kVA
Maximum output current 4,032 V
Rated output voltage 315 V (±10% , 3 phases )
Rated voltage range 252~362 V
Rated frequency range 50 / 60Hz
Maximum THD <3% (Rated power)
Power factor adjustment range > 0.99 (Adjustable between 0.8 capacitive and 0.8 lagging)
Max. efficiency 99.00 %
EU efficiency 98.70 %
Nighttime power consumption < approximately 20W
Dimensions(W*H*D) 2991*2591*2438
Weight 5,700 kg
General data
Working temperature range -35 ~ 60℃ (>50℃ derating)
External backup supply voltage (Optional) 380 V
Cooling type Adjustable air cooling by temperature
Protection grade IP54
Maximum allowable value for relative humidity 0~95%, non-condensing
Maximum altitude 6,000m (>3,000m derating)
Communication port / Protocol RS485/Modbus, Ethernet
System monitoring function LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT, Stand alone driving prevention
Active power and reactive power control PF control
Smooth shutdown.
DC overvoltage protection DC Type II
AC overvoltage protection AC Type II
System monitoring YES
Grounding monitoring YES
Overheating protection YES
Insulation monitoring YES
Current unbalance YES