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LSIS Service Center

LSIS Service Center

LSIS Service Center has engineers, a customer center, materials, and product storage.
We provide technical support to customers including installation, trial run, A/S, problem cause analysis, and on-site technical support.
Our target is to complete on-site service within 48 hr of receiving an A/S request, and we are doing our best to provide the best technical support to around 400 customers.

Support Area

  • Professional Support for Products
  • Service Request, Service Center, and Service Partner Info
  • Inquiry on Purchase, Partners
  • Customer Training
  • Responsible Departments, Contact
  • Request for an Online Electric Product Catalog / Request for Sending
  • Response to a Technical Inquiry through Web
  • Terminated Products, Transferred Products, Cancelled Products, and Service
  • Customers’ Opinions (Complaint, Compliment, Proposal, Etc.) / HAPPY CALL

Free and Paid Service Period for Products

PLC, HMI, INV ※1 1 years 1.5 years
Solar Power PCU ※2 4.5 years(2.5 years) five years(3 years)
Solar Power Module Product warranty for 4.5 years
(PID module) 91.5% output guaranteed for 9.5 years; 83%, for 24.5 years
(General module) 90% output guaranteed for 9.5 years; 80%, for 24.5 years
Product warranty for five years
(PID module) 91.5% output guaranteed for 10 years; 83%, for 25 years
(General module) 90% output guaranteed for 10 years; 80%, for 25 years

Here is the free/paid service period for LSIS products.

Go to “Online Inquiry > Customer Inquiry” or call 1544-2080 for product information, download, technical support, service support, purchase, and other product inquiries.

Quick service, reliable technical support
Customer Center – 1544-2080

  • Weekdays (Monday–Friday) 09:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m. (Lunch: 12:30–01:30 p.m.)
  • Please understand that it may be difficult to receive professional support on holidays, Saturday/Sunday, legal holidays, and company-specified holidays, and if there are too many requests for technical support.