Renewable Energy


Solar light sale business

Sale business

Apartment In the same way as the sale of a building, after securing a large-scale business site from a construction company or a developer, the land is divided according to the capacity and sold. For investors, we can do business without much effort.


  • Saving fuel costs : Fuel cost is “0” due to the development of the solar power of infinite resources.
  • Stable sales : Monthly automatic settlement makes monetary profit if there is only solar power without worrying about receivables.
  • Long term business : Solar module efficiency 80% 25 years warranty, 30 years real life.
  • Unmanned management : Unmanned management without burdening management
  • Succession of family business : Transfer of stocks and succession of business by succession of representative changes possible.
  • Sunshine rise : Climate change due to global warming is increasing sunshine

With cash of 100 million, deposits at compound deposits of 2.2%

If you deposit 100 million in compound interest, the after-tax amount will be about 146,706,125 won.
That is, for 20 years, we earned a profit of 46 million won excluding principal.

100 million won in cash, 1,200 thousand won in loan

Item Contents Price
 Fixed price 20 years Contracts Total payment
The current average monthly income is about 2.5 million won.
Fixed income for 20 years from 2.5 million won per month to 240 months  600,000,000
 Investment of 100 million won  Cost Processing  100,000,000
1 loan of 20 million won  Cost Processing 120,000,000
Loan interest (4% per annum)  Cost Processing 34,800,000
 Power plant management fee
(Safety management, weeding ratio, etc.)
 Cost Processing 36,000,000
 Other reserve costs (150,000 won per month)
Insurance, replacement parts.
 Cost Processing 36,000,000
 Holding land value  Revenue processing, calculated as current value 50,000,000
 20 years actual income  Fixed price – all costs 323,200,000

※ The above earnings are as stable and conservative as possible, and actual value will rise even more when considering land price increases.