December 2019 ESS Total Cumulative Installation Capacity 50MW
July 2019 Established Cambodia Local Company (SJTL(Cambodia) CO., Ltd)
April 2019 Contract for Business Cooperation in Energy-Infra part with Baganuur District Office, Mongolia.
April 2019 Contract for Deterioration Plant Process Facility of Mining Industry State Enterprise In Baganuur District, Mongolia.


December 2018 Contract for Business Cooperation With Baganuur JSC Company in Mongolia.
September 2018 Research & Development and Launch about SJESS
July 2018 The Selection of Overseas Plant Project by ‘KOREA PLANT INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION’
January 2018 Concluded a contact for the 15 MW solar power plan project in Mongolia


December 2017 Hosted the “Korea–Mongolia Eurasia Infrastructure Cooperation Forum”
in cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mongolia
September 2017 Concluded a contact for the 18 MB solar power plan project in Mongolia
June 2017 Supplied electrical panels worth USD 1.5 million to Indonesia
May 2017 Concluded a contract to run a factory in the Nalaikh City Industrial Complex
April 2017 Second order placement for Ulaanbaartar Department Store
March 2017 Supplied and installed 3 MW Sunway
March 2017 Supplied and installed 3 MW solar power
February 2017 Mobile solar power ESS installation project
January 2017 Supplied and installed 2 MW for Bisan Powertech


December 2016 “Product Presentation” seminar with Power Office, Mongolia;
the Construction Development Center; and Construction Association
December 2016 First order placement for Ulaanbaatar Department Store
October 2016 Supplied and installed 3 kW housing solar power for 300 houses
September 2016 Concluded an MOU of power infrastructure for Nalaikh City (KRW 80 billion)
August 2016 Supplied and installed a 2 MW solar power inverter
August 2016 Concluded an agreement to supply solar power inverters to Eden Story Co., Ltd.
June 2016 Concluded a contract for the 3 kW housing solar power supply project
with Jangheung Government, Jeonnam
February 2016 Completed the construction of factory 2


December 2015 Established the Mongolian branch
December 2015 Concluded a contract to sell Sungrow Power Supply inverters in Korea
December 2015 MAIN-BIZ
September 2015 ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
July 2015 Established the Japanese branch
June 2015 Moved to its current premise
April 2015 INNO-BIZ


March 2013 Established an affiliated research center


May 2012 Acquired the Certificate of Venture Business


February 2011 Established the company